A Short History of the Normans

I recently published A Short History of the Normans (I.B.Tauris, 2016) and you can find useful links, some of which are included in the book, here. I’ll update this page periodically.

Links to manuscripts

Boulogne Gospels. Boulogne-sur-Mer, Bibliothèque municipale, MS11

Domesday Book. Open Domesday project at Hull

Norman cartularies from Rouen, Archives départmementales de Seine-Maritime

Norman charters from Rouen, Archives départementales de Seine-Maritime

Sacramentarium of Robert of Jumièges. Rouen, Bibliothèque municipale, Ms274

Treatises by Jerome, Augustine and Ambrose. Avranches, Bibliothèque municipale, MS72

Trilingual Psalter from Palermo. London, British Library, Harley MS 5786

Translations of sources online

Anglo-Saxon Chronicle, trans, by Ingram and Giles (1824, 1837). It is better to use the modern printed translations if your library has them.

Extracts from English sources on the Internet Medieval Sourcebook.

Geoffrey Malaterra, Deeds of Count Roger, trans. by Graham Loud, University of Leeds

William of Apulia, Deeds of Robert Guiscard, trans. by Graham Loud, University of Leeds

Other useful links

Battle Conference on Anglo-Norman Studies

Haskins Society devoted to the study of Viking, Anglo-Norman and Angevin history

Mondes normands médiévaux – a research network for Norman history

Norman Connections – a project linking sites in Normandy and south-east England.

The Normans, a European People, hosted by the University of Caen

The Norman Edge project at Lancaster University

Rob Helmerich’s Norman bibliography

Tabularia – online open access journal